Our Story
The Senior Tamil Society of Peel is a Not for profit organization that started on April 24th 1999. Since then we have grown into an organization consisting over 1000 members.  We have also purchased a new building located on 250 Dundas Street West Mississauga with the help of various professionals, realtors, businesses, members and well wishers who donated $75,000 for our new office. This organization consists of Tamil seniors around the peel region. The reason why STSP began was to help our community by giving back. Our mandate is to put our retired expenses to make a difference in our society, locally, nationally, and internationally. Also as members we strive to further educate ourselves in issues related with physical health, mental health, culture, entertainment and social welfare. Through our projects and activities we are able to collaborate with the youth and make a joint effort in contributing to the community. The collaboration between us helps us learn from them and helps them learn culture from us. If you are interested in looking at some of our projects that we are involved in, please explore the site more. STSP has taken upon various projects to help support our community. Currently we are working on 3 projects that help expand awareness on elder abuse including financial abuse which is partly funded by the Government of Canada New Horizon for the seniors program, the annual Walk A Thon, and Ontario Trillium Foundation for sports and recreation. We also have annual events such as Canada Day, BBQ and Sports, Christmas and Diwali and Multiculturalism Day. If you want to learn more about our events please click on about us. We have also donated more than $100,000 and we have donated $6,000 to the Trillium Health Partners Foundation on December 12, 2016 at the Fund Raising Dinner.

Current Major Events 

EVENT VIDEO - https://youtu.be/W4mJmFJxca8

DANCE VIDEO - https://youtu.be/dWMBKK0HuOk 



The Annual Diwali & Christmas Dinner & Dance - 2017






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